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About Us

Imperial Brands understands society’s concerns about the health risks of smoking, and we also recognise our important role helping reduce the harm caused by combustible tobacco.

Since establishing our first R&D laboratory in the early 1950s, we’ve been at the forefront of tobacco research. In recent years we’ve increasingly focused on tobacco harm reduction through the development of various Next Generation Products, enhancing our capabilities through various external acquisitions.

We uphold high standards, rigorously testing and analysing our products to continually build our knowledge base and meet our duty of care for consumers.

Today, we’re a true multi-category company – inspired and driven by science and innovation.


//Our NGP Timeline

Imperial establishes its first R&D laboratory, paving the way for decades of research into understanding its products.


Imperial partners with the UK Government’s Independent Scientific Committee on Smoking and Health to develop the tobacco substitute – ‘New Smoking Material’.


Imperial acquires 43.5% of the shares in the Swedish snus business Skruf, makers of the ‘original harm reduction’ tobacco product.


Imperial takes full ownership of Skruf.


Imperial creates a subsidiary, Fontem Ventures, to focus on developing innovative vape-based Next Generation Products.


‘Inventor of the e-cigarette’ Mr Hon Lik’s global patent portfolio for vapour technologies is acquired from Dragonite International Limited.


In the UK, Fontem Ventures launches its first e-cigarette brand – Puritane.


Imperial acquires blu, one of the most world’s best-selling vapour brands, strengthening its NGP commitment.


Imperial Tobacco Group becomes Imperial Brands, reflecting the breadth of its contemporary portfolio.


Imperial acquires Nerudia, a UK-based developer of innovative nicotine products. Imperial also begins trialling heated tobacco in Asia and Europe.


The international roll-out of myblu, Imperial’s pod-based vape device, commences alongside the brand’s first range of nicotine salts. We also pioneer new smokeless oral product in Sweden and Norway under the Skruf brand.


Imperial’s heated tobacco brand Pulze launches in Fukuoka, Japan, while zoneX – one of our tobacco-free oral nicotine brands – begins UK trials.


Imperial continues to launch blu, Pulze and Skruf/zoneX in more global markets.

Our diverse team of scientists and other specialists work across the globe. Explore key locations below.

Nerudia Liverpool

Acquired in 2013, our state-of-the-art R&D hub is transforming our approach to product development through initiatives like open innovation.

Fontem US Charlotte & San Francisco

Testing centres located across the US rigorously assess and ensure quality across our broad US vape portfolio.

ITG Brands Greensboro

Laboratories in the head office our multi-category US subsidiary are equipped to conduct product research, regulatory testing and reporting.

Imperial Brands Bristol

Imperial’s historic head office location. Here, a large team of scientists and regulatory specialists manage product research, testing and legal technical reporting.

Reemtsma Hamburg

Our main scientific assessment centre conducts our in-house chemical, biological and physical research. The laboratory also assesses product quality and regulatory compliance.


Hub for our team of dedicated data scientists who analyse the structured and unstructured data across our scientific assessment programme.

IMB Science Bergerac

Our plant science facility – which includes one of the largest tobacco seed collections in the world – investigates leaf quality and how tobacco genes impact the chemical composition of smoke.

IMB Science Savsjo

Our snus subsidiary Skruf’s primary manufacturing location has on-site laboratory facilities to ensure the continued high quality of our oral nicotine portfolio.

Tobacco Labs Joure | Tarnowo | Volgograd | Kiev

Located across our traditional tobacco manufacturing hubs, our in-house laboratory network holds over 60 accredited testing methods, including internationally recognised ISO certifications.