Introducing ‘Beyond Smoke’

Imperial Brands is undergoing an exciting, consumer-led transformation – underpinned by insights, science and innovation.

We understand society’s concerns about the health risks of smoking, and as a responsible business we also recognise our role in helping to potentially reduce smoking-related harm through making a meaningful contribution to the public health concept of tobacco harm reduction (THR).

THR principles form the basis of the insights we gather, the science we conduct, and the innovations we explore and develop as we continue to roll out a range of exciting new next generation products (NGP) at pace to a wide selection of markets.

To explain more about our consumer-centric approach to science and innovation, we created Beyond Smoke.

It covers a wide range of topics, including introducing NGP and their harm reduction potential, explaining how we test and substantiate our products, how we’ve weaving vital consumer insights into our innovation pipeline, the concerning rise in misperceptions around NGP and nicotine, and the crucial importance of technical standards, consumer safeguarding, and regulatory advocacy in fulfilling their potential to improve public health.

We invite you to read more below, and look forward to continuing to engage with consumers, public health bodies, and regulators to help make a meaningful contribution to improved public health through THR.

Alternatively, you can download a digital copy.