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At Imperial Brands Science our focus on Next Generation Products fosters a dynamic culture. It’s underpinned by science and innovation, and inspired by our commitment to offering the world’s adult smokers a range of potentially harm reduced alternatives to combustible tobacco.

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As our plans expand, we continue to welcome a diverse range of scientists, engineers, developers, statisticians, communicators and corporate affairs professionals who aren’t afraid to challenge both themselves and their preconceptions to help engender genuine change in tobacco, nicotine and beyond.

Interesting in becoming part of our exciting journey? Browse careers on our corporate website, apply to be part of our graduate programme or read about the varied experiences of some of our employees below.


// Liz Mason – Heated Tobacco Science Manager

My core focus is on our heated tobacco device and stick portfolio, which includes Pulze and iD. This involves implementing and coordinating scientific testing for regulatory submissions to support market launches, as well as driving research to support evidence-based scientific and regulatory messaging and positioning. I also represent Imperial at national and international forums, including standardisation bodies.

My role is a varied one, and involves working with specialists across a range of scientific disciplines and other business functions like Corporate and Legal Affairs. There’s always something new to learn and the whole team are great fun to work with.

During my time with Imperial, I’ve seen the business shift its focus from combustible tobacco to investing – but most importantly believing – in tobacco harm reduction and the science underpinning our Next Generation Products (NGPs). This is an exciting time for the company and an important moment for global public health, and I’m fascinated to see what the future holds.

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// Simon McDermott – Senior Clinical Research Manager

Clinical science plays a fundamental role in the scientific assessment of our NGPs. Our approach includes short-term studies – like assessing user satisfaction and nicotine delivery – as well as longer-term research where we examine the harm reduction potential of our NGPs relative to continued cigarette smoking through studying their usage by adult smokers.

I firmly believe in the responsibility we have to improve global public health outcomes through helping facilitate tobacco harm reduction – and the vital role clinical research plays in achieving this. Working for a multi-category company like Imperial provides me with the clearest opportunity to achieve this professional – and personal – ambition.

As an active father of four, I also believe passionately in the huge opportunity for the next wave of talented tobacco harm reductionists. I would love to share my knowledge and experiences with potential colleagues with similar mindsets: see careers for our latest opportunities.

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Simon - Clinical Research

// Ulrike Kowalke – Product Standards Coordinator

I joined the “world of standardisation” in October 2019 and have been fascinated ever since! As a Product Standards Coordinator, I work cross-functionally with a huge variety of highly experienced colleagues across the world.

Ensuring our products are based on robust quality, manufacturing and safety standards is what motivates and drives me. Providing guidance on emerging standards issues, and offering potential solutions across our various product categories, makes my day-to-day activities both challenging and rewarding.

My role has also provided me with the opportunity to become a member of the German Standardisation Body (DIN), where I’m able to discuss all manner of draft standards with experts from industry, consumer associations and government. The position has also allowed me to improve my communication skills, and take on greater responsibilities within Imperial.

// Elio de la Cal – PRC Framework Control Manager

My decade at Imperial has been an interesting journey – I am a trained lawyer and teacher but began my career here in the cigar supply chain, before proceeding to product development, ingredient reporting, working in the Assessment, Guidance and Permissions (AGP) Group and now within regulatory compliance.

My current role involves monitoring legislative developments across the globe, meaning we’re in daily close contact with many markets as well as Imperial’s Corporate and Legal Affairs community. We also offer regulatory support to other functions around aspects ranging from ingredients to chemical management. Making sure our products comply with legislation is lots more exciting than it may sound, and certainly keeps me on my toes!

My team is a small one; we work closely together and pride ourselves on our transparency and approachability – elements I believe are key when it comes to succeeding in our remit.

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// Edgar Trelles Sticken – Advancing Toxicology Manager

My role focuses on the toxicological testing of our NGPs, and the development of our respective portfolio of in-vitro laboratory methodologies. We’ve come a long way from the standard battery of assays for the toxicological assessment of combustible tobacco products.

The exciting evolution of our testing capabilities now allows us to adopt, implement and validate methodologies focusing on the toxicological assessment of various NGP platforms through our TT21C (Toxicity Testing in the 21st Century) program. This wouldn’t be possible without close collaboration between our various scientific teams across the world, and the dedication and motivation of my colleagues in the Hamburg laboratory team.

As a scientist, it’s exciting to be integrally involved in such dynamic, innovative processes and environments, developing human biological testing systems of ever-increasing complexity and relevance that – crucially – don’t require any testing on animals.

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// Georgiana Cava – Pre-Market Stewardship Manager

I’ve joined Imperial in 2012, after graduating with an MSc in Toxicology from University of Birmingham. I currently manage a team of 4 toxicologists safeguarding our Pre-Market Stewardship activities.

A day in the life of my team is rarely the same – whether we’re supporting research around innovation concepts, assessing a product’s safety in time for launch or managing health-relevant consumer complaints. There’s something new to learn all the time, and when you have a proactive team that enjoys a challenge, it’s hard not to be engaged and excited about each fresh project.

Having joined the company directly after graduation, I developed most of my skills ‘on the job’. The safe learning environment I found myself immersed in had a enormous impact on my subsequent career path. I personally feel that kind of support and empathy make a huge difference in today’s uncertain world, and I’m grateful for having found this within Imperial Brands.

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// Matthew Stevenson, Pre-Clinical Toxicology Manager

I have been with Imperial for over 10 years, starting as a Toxicologist, and moving into various roles centred around product stewardship toxicology. Prior to joining Imperial I worked at the National Poisons Information Service, advising medical health professionals on how to treat poisoned patients.

I have a broad experience in toxicology, and Imperial has been instrumental with my continuing development within this field, and in 2021 I was made a member of the Society of Toxicology.

My current role as the Pre-Clinical Toxicology Manager sees me leading a team of scientists who commission and analyse in vitro toxicology data for regulatory submissions, and also as part of the TT21C method development programme (see this Q&A for more on TT21C).

I’m strongly passionate about our work developing non-animal testing alternatives and seeing their application for Next Generation Product assessment.

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