At Imperial Brands we believe true innovation is not only consumer-centric, but consumer driven – so starting with the consumer underpins our entire next generation product (NGP) research & development philosophy.

From this idea, our Sense Hubs were born. Within them we interact with the actual people buying and using our products at all stages of the development process.

Since opening, our hubs in Liverpool and Hamburg have become a core element of our NGP innovation pipeline – transforming the pace, agility, and efficiency of our product development through initiatives like:

  • Dedicated spaces to connect and co-create with our consumers across the development process.
  • Advanced pretotype and prototype capabilities to rapidly bring concepts to life.
  • Upgraded in-house NGP formulation, product sample development and production capabilities.

Meanwhile, we continue to build deep and open partnerships with third-party businesses to develop an innovation ecosystem that’s best equipped to fulfil our harm reduction ambitions.

We believe this holistic approach demonstrates our passion and commitment to continue to provide adult smokers with state-of-the-art NGP that encourage them to transition away from cigarettes.

Learn more about our Sense Hubs and partnership approach to innovation on our corporate website.

To help visitors to our science website gain a greater understanding about our NGP, we’ve created interactive 3D models of our heated and vape devices.

Click on the logos to learn more about each one, or watch the video below.