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  • As a responsible manufacturer, elements of our next-generation assessment framework are based on the US National Research Council’s innovative blueprint for Toxicity Testing in the 21st Century (TT21C) [external link]. ((Glossary) Link to:
  • TT21C advocates the use of in-vitro (Glossary) testing, preferably using human cells, as a superior alternative to traditional in-vivo (Glossary) animal testing.
  • In line with our official corporate position [external link] (link to, considering TT21C to be more relevant, informative and ethical than previous assessment approaches to smoking-related disease.
  • TT21C methods can help determine if reduced chemical exposure to any Harmful and Potentially Harmful Constituents (HPHCs) in our product portfolio translates to reduced toxicity.
  • Our scientists are developing a series of TT21C-driven tests to analyse the impact of our NGPs on relevant user endpoints.
  • Alongside data gathered from relevant clinical studies, this allows us to scientifically demonstrate and substantiate the harm reduction potential of our NGPs.
  • Through frameworks like TT21C, we are continuing to protect our consumers – and innocent animals – while raising standards across the NGP landscape.