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Posted 15/06/2023 3:53pm

As part of our commitment to make a meaningful contribution to the public health concept of tobacco harm reduction (THR), Imperial Brands continues to assess the harm reduction potential of our next generation product portfolio relative to combustible tobacco..

Pulze+iD is our heated tobacco (HT) system. As HT products don’t burn tobacco, or generate smoke, our research shows the aerosols they produce contain fewer and substantially lower levels of harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes.

For this latest study, recently published in the scientific literature, we undertook a clinical trial among 24 adult smoker volunteers to assess and understand whether Pulze+iD:

  • Delivers nicotine efficiently to subjects’ bloodstreams.
  • Reduces subjects’ desire to smoke.
  • Has a favourable short-term safety and tolerability profile.

The results were very promising, with the data indicating the system delivers nicotine efficiently to the blood of adult smokers, while not exceeding that of a cigarette, as the graph below demonstrates.

While the speed of nicotine absorption from Pulze+iD is comparable to cigarettes, the peak nicotine level and overall nicotine exposures (referred to as Area under Curve, or AUC) are lower – indicating the system has a lower abuse liability compared to cigarettes. In other words, it’s potentially not as addictive.

As the graph below illustrates, Pulze+iD also reduced subjects’ desire to smoke, which is potentially crucial in helping adult smokers in their journeys away from cigarettes.

Finally, under the conditions of study Pulze+iD had a favourable short-term safety and tolerability profile, with very few adverse events – and no serious adverse events – recorded.

Thomas Nahde, Head of Harm Reduction & Engagement and study co-author, comments: “It’s pleasing to see Pulze+iD continuing to perform, both in the laboratory and clinical trials.

“This study provides more evidence that high quality HT products offer adult smokers a legitimate, potentially harm reduced alternative to cigarettes. 

Neil Gledhill, Heated Tobacco Category Director, adds: “This is encouraging news for Pulze+iD, but we’re not stopping there.

“Our next substantiative step is an in-market, actual use study where we’re putting our innovative next generation HT product – Pulze 2.0 – in the hands of real adult smoker consumers who have no current intention to quit for six weeks to understand if the system can really help them move away from cigarettes for good.

“We’re optimistic that, with each new study we conduct, the body of evidence demonstrating Pulze+iD’s potential to help Imperial make a meaningful contribution to THR will only continue to grow.”

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