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//Vaping and NRT:Offering adult smokers a potentially less harmful alternative

Posted 09/04/2019 1:23pm

By Grant O’Connell, Strategic Science and Policy Engagement Director

A growing number of adult smokers around the world are choosing vaping to help them leave cigarettes behind.

We believe this is because traditional nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) don’t deliver nicotine in the same way as conventional cigarettes, or provide the unique sensory cues or rituals associated with smoking.

Our research suggests vaping potentially does both.

The randomised, controlled, crossover study was published in two parts in the Journal of Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology (part 1 and part 2). Using a prototype vape continuing 2% nicotine – the maximum limit set by the EU Tobacco Products Directive –  the research found it:

  • Delivered enough nicotine to suppress smoking desire, delivering as much nicotine to the smoker subjects’ blood as an NRT. Adding flavours to e-liquids did not influence nicotine pharmacokinetics.
  • Was well tolerated in smokers, with a similar short-term safety profile to established NRTs like Nicorette’s gum and inhalator – whichever e-liquid flavour was tested.
  • Demonstrated psychological and behavioural properties in helping adult smokers potentially reduce their cigarette consumption. Promisingly, vaping reduced both the urge to smoke and helped stem nicotine withdrawal symptoms even when nicotine was not present in the tested e-liquid.

This research shows vaping offers smokers a way to reduce tobacco consumption or switch completely, provided the products comply with safety and quality standards.

Watch our video about the science of vaping below and find our more about our flagship vaping device, myblu, here. Please note blu is not marketed as a smoking cessation product.


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