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//Introducing Tobacco-Free Oral Nicotine Products

Posted 21/12/2019 1:45pm

By Josie Newman, Scientific Market Materials Executive

Our oral nicotine product, zoneX, is the next-generation successor to Swedish snus.

Snus is one of the original reduced harm products; public health experts estimate it’s between 95-99% less harmful than smoking. You can read more about why traditional snus is reduced harm here.

Since zoneX ALL WHITE doesn’t contain tobacco, there are up to 98% fewer toxicants than in traditional snus.

In broad public health terms, less toxicants = less risk.

The harm reduction potential of zoneX is therefore likely to be even greater than its predecessor.

You can find out more about zoneX: how it’s used, what it contains and the results of our initial internal testing in our infographic. Click on each page to open it in a new tab.



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