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Vaping is a potentially harm reduced alternative to smoking, allowing adult smokers to reduce and replace cigarettes over time.

Vaping doesn’t involve tobacco and so there are fewer and lower levels of harmful chemicals created compared tobacco combustion.

Many public health bodies, like Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians, recognise the potential of vaping as a harm reduced alternative to smoking.
1. blu e-liquids and aerosols contain, on average, substantially lower levels of toxicants compared to cigarette smoke.

2. Laboratory tests suggest blu e-liquids and aerosols are substantially less cytotoxic, mutagenic and genotoxic compared to cigarette smoke. In some tests, they showed reductions of around 99% − if they displayed any toxic effect at all.

3. Adult smokers who partially or completely substitute cigarettes with myblu experience reductions in exposure to harmful chemicals over a short period of time. However, the greatest reductions are observed in adult smokers who transition to myblu completely.

4. myblu satisfies adult smokers by delivering nicotine to their blood at levels which do not exceed those of cigarettes.

5. Use of myblu by vulnerable populations is very low. There’s no evidence suggesting myblu serves as a gateway, or ‘on-ramp’, to regular cigarette use.

6. Exhaled myblu vapour evaporates in seconds; our research suggests it creates no air quality issues when compared to workplace or general indoor quality standards.


The premise of heated tobacco is simple – it’s tobacco – but heated, not burned.
Controlled heating releases an aerosol containing nicotine and flavours from a portion of refined tobacco.

Our scientific research shows that heating without burning significantly reduces the number of harmful chemicals −the primary cause of smoking related-disease − usually found in cigarette smoke.

Public Health England recently stated heated tobacco products may be "considerably less harmful than cigarettes", though "more harmful" than vaping.
1. Pulze heats an iD stick containing refined tobacco to a defined temperature – either 315°C or 345°C depending on the mode.

2. Research suggests there are up to 96% fewer toxicants in Pulze aerosol compared to cigarette smoke.

3. Our research also suggests Pulze is potentially between 98-99% less toxic to cells.

4. As there is no tobacco combustion, when Pulze is used as intended there is no ash formed during or after use.

5. Unlike cigarettes, Pulze produces no side-stream emissions. This means it’s unlikely to present any air quality issues compared to workplace or general indoor air quality standards.


Tobacco-free oral products are an innovative form of nicotine delivery that’s popular in Sweden and Norway.

All oral products, including traditional snus, are smokeless, meaning they contain fewer and substantially lower levels of harmful chemicals, including toxicants and carcinogens, compared to cigarette smoke.

Traditional snus’s harm reduction potential compared to smoking is significant and has been demonstrated through long term research.

Tobacco-free oral products contain even fewer toxicants than snus.
1. Unlike cigarettes, heated tobacco and vapes – where nicotine is absorbed through the lungs – oral products like zoneX deliver nicotine via the gum.

2. Oral nicotine products like zoneX have a relatively simple composition.

3. zoneX demonstrates a 97% reduction in mycotoxin levels and a 98% reduction in tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs) compared to traditional snus, which is itself a harm reduced product relative to cigarettes.