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//zoneX: the state of our tobacco-free oral nicotine pouch science

Posted 13/09/2022 10:42am

Among the Next Generation Products (NGP) with the potential to make a meaningful contribution to the public health concept of tobacco harm reduction (THR) are tobacco-free oral nicotine pouches 

Free from tobacco combustion and the generation of high levels of harmful chemicals and smoke toxicants, high quality nicotine pouches offer those adult smokers who are unwilling or uninterested to stop using combustible cigarettes a potentially harm-reduced alternative. Its appearance and oral method of use is similar to traditional tobacco-containing Scandinavian snus, itself a harm-reduced product supported by favourable epidemiological data in Sweden (see our snus infographic for more information).

One vital difference makes nicotine pouches distinct: they are completely free of tobacco leaf, instead obtaining their nicotine content via high purity pharmaceutical grade nicotine within a matrix of dry powder or a plant fibre-based substrate.

Without tobacco and combustion, their THR potential relative to combustible cigarettes and snus may be even greater.

We’ve already generated high-quality data for our tobacco-free oral nicotine pouch product zoneX across our multi-stage scientific assessment framework.

The results are available to view and download in our latest ‘state of the science’ brochure, below.

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